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About the union

Growing friendships between people, volunteers and evacuees with the aim of promoting common interests and instilling hope

We are ISTRA, the association of short-term accommodation apartments - the only and official body that unites all short-term apartment hosts in Israel, works to promote common interests and is an effective solution for hosts in Israel.

And today, ISTRA, thanks to the leadership ability of its people and volunteers, and with quick emergency measures, signed an agreement with the state that states that the “Hospitality Apartment Association in Israel” will be an alternative housing provider for evacuees from the south and the north and will accept evacuees for apartments in its stock throughout the country.

what we do
At this time, apart from being an association of accommodation apartment owners in Israel, we also grow friendships between people, volunteers and evacuees with the aim of promoting common interests and instilling hope.
We not only provide alternative housing for evacuees from the south and the north, but create a space of security, compassion and support needed by the people of Israel at every moment in these difficult times. The evacuees find fast and stable support in us, and we work day and night to ensure that every evacuee finds a home. Especially following the recent terrorist events, we were dedicated to the national mission of providing housing to the affected families.

Acting from a sense of mission

We believe that everyone deserves a safe place, a place they can call home. According to our belief, home is not just a place to sleep, but the center of a circle of security, support and understanding. Amidst the chaos that is happening nowadays, we stood up to provide an answer. We stood up to assure each and every one of them that they have a place to return to, a place where they can dream and start over.

Unique in our strength, strong in our unity
Istra is a unique company. We are not just a short-term accommodation association, but a family. A network of volunteers who dedicate their time and energy for others.
By focusing on the mission of providing support to evacuees, we create a better, better future and give every evacuee security and hope.

The management of ISTRA, the best for hospitality

Meet the team

A close-knit team of volunteers that grew quickly and works magic in the field.

Guy Fomin

Union leader and founding member

Eyal Levantal

The director of the union and a founding member

Eliran Zohar

Union spokesman and founding member

Rudy Abrahami

Founding member

Yuval Raphael

Member of the audit committee

David Murali

active member

Eyal Kucinski

Legal Counsel

Ben vanono

Audit committee member

Tal Lavi

PR, social and content

Yair zinger

Foreign Relations

Tal Friedman

housing communities

Jeremy Atlan

Founding member

Amit Bar-on

Government Relations

Dekla First

Association members coordinator

Amnon Diskin

Marketing and Advertising

Adam Shuv

Communication Consultant

Itay Raz

Chief Operating Officer

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