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The holiday apartment association is raising funds so that we can provide residents evacuated from the south and the north with safe and furnished apartments to stay in during the fighting.
In addition to the apartments, the organization provides the evacuees with hot meals, groceries, clothing and essential products, the apartments and other supplies are provided to the evacuees free of charge

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ISTRA - The Hospitality Apartments Association was called to a national mission to provide housing to families affected by the recent terrorist incidents. Starting from the first day of the fighting, we opened the door to 15,000 evacuees from the fighting zones for free housing.

During the project up to now, more than 3750 apartments have already been occupied in a hastily prepared logistics system and a set of volunteers who give their energy and intelligence to the matter, the apartments are safe apartments, furnished in a homely atmosphere, which are adapted for a long-term stay.

The organization has an impressive number of about 250 volunteers who help provide, in addition to everything, hot meals, groceries, clothing and essential products to the evacuees.

The donation will fund the support for these families and the union’s ability to be a supporting factor connecting to initiatives and volunteers to satisfy the needs of the residents.

On October 23, the union was recognized as the state’s official housing provider for providing a response to housing adapted to staying in a homely environment for the long term. and can provide a solution for 3000 apartments nationwide.

‘Reot Clothing’ team of female volunteers and the Reot tribe – leadership of the Tel Aviv Scouts.
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